Olin Witt

Olin’s Testimonial:

GCF has been the opportunity that I needed. I remember that in my last job, after 16 hours of washing dishes, cleaning and running errands, I said to myself, “I need a change. I can’t do these jobs forever. This is NOT me.” A few months later, I enrolled in GCF, and it was like a breath of fresh air. I was learning, becoming more aware, networking, getting training for technical skills to start a career and intangible skills to keep it progressing. All of this hard work and encouragement has inspired me to go to college, something that was definitely not in my original plans. But now I see how far an education, dedication, and hard work can get you, because it took an educated, hardworking and dedicated person to start GCF and an educated, dedicated, hardworking staff to keep it afloat and to mold the Corps Members into educated, dedicated and hardworking GCF graduates. Thanks to GCF, I’m in the productive mind state I need to be in to be successful. It has also put me in the civic mind state to help motivate others to be successful as well, and the sustainable mind state I need to do my part in greening the earth.

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