Vanessa Williams

Vanessa’s Testimonial:

I decided to enroll in Green City Force as a way to join the work field and gain hands on experience. The term “green job” was something that I never heard of before and didn’t realize how big of an open market it is for people to grow in. Green City Force has opened my eyes to the environmental and social struggles that keep many young adults like myself in a vicious cycle of underachievement. I can take what I learned from Green City Force and apply it moving forward to an entry job position. Before Green City Force I was trying to find a job, but I didn’t qualify due to lack of experience. That has now changed. The staff, fellow Corps Members, and my family supported me through this journey of self-growth. I am more conscious of the natural resources we have and how so much of them are wasted and abused. I feel like I’ve been given a calling to work in the green field to achieve Eco-equity for all of NY and as well the entire U.S. I am hoping that the phenomenal job my fellow Corps Members have done this cohort gets others to dream big and be inspired, allowing them to be a part of a movement that has the power to change millions of lives for the years to come.

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