Wesley Booker

Wesley’s Testimonial:

Before I was introduced to Green City Force I was unemployed for five months after being let go from a local movie theater. I had interviews with several local employers, but my poor resume and interview skills left me with no success. I found out about Green City Force at the NYCHA Resident Employment and Empowerment Center while searching for employment. I attended an information session for the program and learned about environmental sustainability and the projected growth of the green economy. I knew that this was the next step I wanted to take in my life. Since the beginning of my experience as a Corp Member, GCF has helped develop me mentally, professionally, and academically. From working in the field to working in the office, GCF has given me the knowledge and ability to handle myself in various situations. GCF has helped me obtain my BPI Building Analyst Certification and helped me develop a strong resume that will help me start my career in the environmental sustainability sector of the green economy.

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