Chantea Watford

Chantea’s Testimonial:

These past twenty-four weeks of my life have been an experience that I will never forget. I have worked hard, acquired lifelong skills that will help me to succeed in future endeavors, made new friends, and above all, made a difference. Green City Force will be marked as a milestone in my life. I am leaving this program a strong, hardworking, young individual. I chose to become a Corps Member with Green City Force because I was ready to commit to a positive change. Before I joined GCF, I was working Part-Time at a Brooklyn Public Library. I can honestly say that GCF has taught me many things that have helped me to grow. The most important thing I learned during my time with GCF is to seize every opportunity and to make the most of it. Michael Johnson-Chase once told me something that has helped me to make important life decisions; “It is the thing that scares you most that you should run towards, because it will most likely be a good thing for you.” After Green City Force I will continue to do service work in my community center, where I will be working on a few projects. I will also attend college in the fall.

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