Elliezer Villanueva

Elliezer’s Testimonial:

Green City Force (GCF) has helped me grow as an individual. In six months it clearly shows how much I have improved in many areas (communication skills, outreach, teamwork, networking, and professionalism). Now I feel confident talking or presenting to any group of people, no matter how large or who the crowd is. Since day one I’ve felt pushed and challenged – not to the point where I wanted to quit, but to the point where I was hungry for more. GCF really puts their all into each Corps Member. I feel like I truly have another family away from home. Throughout the program there was not one day where I did not look forward to getting up in the morning and being excited to go to work or the classroom to learn more, or in the words of Lawrence, “have an action packed day.” My eyes are definitely opened wide to the green economy now as well. There are so many opportunities out there for all of us, and I feel like I’m more than prepared to go out to the green job industry and get any position I want. I have not only grown as a person and future employee, but as a person who is environmentally aware of how to create a sustainable development while being financially stable as well.

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