Victor Simeon

Before I came to Green City Force I was going to school, but then I had to pay a loan for tuition at the school and Green City Force would help me with its education award. They also gave me opportunities to find other jobs instead of sitting around. Through service I learned to be more professional, and I am more punctual. The skills from the farm helped too and I learned to identify different varieties of plants as well. The experience at GCF helped me because we all came from the same background but we can make it in life if we take the initiative to take the step forward. The greatest impact of the staff members were Stephanie and Aram because they helped with our resumes and prepared us to be better versions of ourselves in a professional area. I would also like to thank Rosalba and Precious and all of the other Crew Leaders who have been with us to help us and encourage us to carry on and go forward.

To my employer: The important thing you need to know about me is that I am punctual, I’m always at least half an hour early before start time.

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