Tyrone Robinson

Growing up in the Bronx, I realized that most urban communities are not supported when it comes to living a healthy life due to the conditions and the limited resources available in the environment of these communities. Thankfully, I have never felt like that being limited by my surroundings should or would define me. That’s one major reason why I joined GCF. At only twenty-three years old, working on farms with GCF has taught me not only how to be self-sustainable, but how to improve my surroundings by educating and promoting the feasibility of healthy living. GCF has provided me with the knowledge and empowerment to be confident and reach out to others who also want to learn about healthy living. The best experience during my time with GCF was building and maintaining a farm in the very development I grew up in. Working on Forest Houses Farm filled me with pride. I am honored to support my home in this way. The most important thing I’ve learned in GCF is to not only expand my knowledge, but take ownership of it and spread it to everyone around me. I joined GCF to make a difference in my community, and every community I touch. With the help of my Cohort and leaders, GFC has helped me discover my hidden potential in areas of life I will take with me well after my experience here ends.

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