Tymel Cutler

Tymel’s Testimonial:

Before I became a member of Green City Force I attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College where I completed two semesters of school. After my second semester I had to stop going because I was academically dismissed. After leaving school I started thinking hard about what I wanted to do while I wasn’t in school. Over the summer I attended a program called Bed Stuy Restoration located in the Pfizer building. While in the program I learned how to read job descriptions, build my resume, acquire interviewing skills and tips, and act in a professional manner. A couple of months later, my Resource Coordinator, Zakiya Adams, recommended I attend a Green City Force information session because she felt that coming to this program would really help me gain a sense of what I wanted to do with my career. Now that I’m a Green City Force AmeriCorps Member, I feel like I have learned so much spending my six months with the team. The most important thing I learned to do during my time with Green City Force was how to become more of a leader while doing service projects. I want to thank my family, the whole staff of Bed Stuy Restoration, Green City Force and AmeriCorps.

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