Tyler Kennedy

Tyler’s Testimony:

Before Green City Force, I was not pushing myself as hard as I could, which is not what I wanted for myself at all. I was sleeping in all day and not doing anything gratifying. I have a lot of plans for myself when I graduate GCF, such as entering the solar field and possibly going back to college. Completing the 40 hour solar installation course and working with Grid Alternatives opened my eyes up to the solar industry and showed me just how fast this field is moving and how great clean energy is for our environment. GCF means a lot to me and has really changed me in these past five months. Being punctual, keeping a professional attitude, and being conscious of my demeanor are some of the many qualities that I have gained and enforced within myself. There are no words for the amount of appreciation and respect I have for GCF for helping me become a better person overall. I would like to thank my Team Leader, Elliezer Villanueva, for keeping me on track and helping enforce the mannerisms and values. I also would like to thank Michael, Mara, and Amanda for the wisdom and knowledge they have passed down to me. I also want to thank Service Associate Tarik, who I got the chance to work with on Love Where You Live for our WhedCo buildings. Sometimes I would come to service, not feeling prepared to work, but just being around his positivity helped me to persevere. I am grateful for all I have learned in GCF, and look forward to applying these traits in my future endeavors.

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