Raven Trotter

Raven’s Testimonial:

I never thought I would be in the green industry, let alone composting in my house or participating in urban agriculture. I must say that we need more national service in the U.S. and around the world. Before GCF, I was operating a childcare center out of my house. Even though I was working and getting paid, I still wanted to do more; I wanted a chance to be a part of a change! While I was not directly affected by last year’s Hurricane Sandy, I have had the privilege of serving to rebuild houses for families whose homes were destroyed. It really is a great feeling to be a part of change and to see the impact our service has on the people and families we help. The recovery service also made me appreciate what I have more. After GCF, I plan to continue volunteering around the city to promote and be a part of change. Since joining GCF, I have been learning how to live a more sustainable life for my children and me. I have been showing my kids the importance of “loving where we live” and taking care of the environment. I think there needs to be more programs like GCF for young people all over the US. I would like to give a big thank you to GCF staff because their support goes further than just having us participate in the program; Irene’s group support sessions are the best!; Mara, Michael Chase, and Gloria, the work you all do to get us ready for college and jobs is a blessing; there are many people behind the scenes who deserve recognition for their dedication including Cecilia, Dennis, Luis, Lemuel, and Erika; and where would we be without our Team leaders Oronde, Kenta, Elliezer, and Lawrence of course!!!

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