Trevor Williams

Trevor’s Testimonial:

Before Green City Force I was just sitting around not getting anywhere in my life. I finished
high school and I planned on going to college, but wasn’t taking any of the necessary steps
to get there. I found out about Green City Force from a friend who was in the program who
thought I would be a good fit. After finding out more about the program for myself, I thought
this would be an ideal opportunity for someone like me. This was a chance for me to receive job
training and college preparation, which were all of the things I needed at the time, so I went
for it. These past six months have been an excellent learning experience for me. I was able
to break some old habits as well as develop new ones that I feel make me a better person. I
learned how to step up into a leadership role and help provide guidance and support to others.
This program was challenging but worthwhile, because without this challenge I wouldn’t have
been able to grow as a person. I have to say that out of all of the things I learned in these last
six months the most important thing would be consistency. No matter how tough life may be
you have to remain consistent if you wish to move forward. After all of this I plan on furthering
my education and improving even more using the skills that I have learned throughout my
time with Green City Force.

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