Trebron Fecunda

Trebron’s Testimony:

Green City Force has left an incredible impression on my life. GCF means everything to me and always will. I decided to become a GCF Corps Member because of its mission and the benefits that were offered. Before GCF, I was not doing anything productive, besides recording music and looking for jobs hopelessly. I felt there was no purpose in my life, until GCF. The most important thing I gained from GCF is professionalism (resumes, job search, etc.) and the training and certification. I learned and actually discovered a deep passion for the green field. After GCF, I plan to pursue a career in the green field and even advance in my music career as an audio engineer. I would like give a special thanks to Latonya, Tiffany, Crystal, Emmanuel, and Jeanece for their support. Without them, I would have quit from the very beginning. I also want to show appreciation to Elliezer Villanueva for being an understanding Team Leader. He showed me that the little things matter, and I will never forget that.

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