Todd Saxon

Todd’s Testimonial:

Green City Force to me is a blessing. GCF actually showed me a different way of life. GCF taught
me there are other ways of taking care of the environment, not just recycling. GCF also helped
me emerge some of my leadership skills, and showed me the importance of professionalism
in the work environment. Now I am able to change forms like a chameleon no matter what
type of setting I am going into, and I am ready! GCF also gave me the opportunities to develop
communication skills and put me in difficult situations that forced me to build confidence.
Currently I feel I can be thrown into any situation and come out feeling accomplished.
Also I had the privilege of being able to work outdoors on an urban farm that led to gaining
knowledge about urban agriculture and ways to divert food waste from landfills into compost.
I look at life a totally different way now because of Green City Force. I am part of and care
about the environment!!!

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