Tiffany Sutherland

Tiffany’s Testimonial:

In Green City Force I learned to manage my time better, I worked on my patience and most
importantly I learned that I have a true passion for Education. More importantly I learned that
I have what it takes to be a successful teacher. I know I just have to apply myself and GCF has
tested my ability to stick to my goals and for the most part I have improved immaculately in
that department. My plans after GCF are to find a job, go back to school within the next five
years and get my degree. Once I have my degree, I want to become the teacher I believe I can
be. In my mind I could be the teacher that changes a student’s life in a positive way. I hope to
be a very successful member of my society. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you’re
giving to the earth rather than just taking.

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