Tiffany Malone

Tiffany’s Testimony:

Green City Force has been a wonderful experience for me and joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. This experience has not only helped build me professionally and socially, it has made me a better person, and I’ve gained another family in GCF along the way. I managed to get through the info sessions, document drop offs, tryouts and then back and forth again. That day that I received the call that I was accepted into the program, I was thrilled but unaware of how much enlightenment GCF would bring to me in the near future. Now here I am, stronger, happier and hungrier for success than I was five months ago. Thanks to all the amazing and hard working Team Leaders, I was constantly challenged, pushed out of my comfort zone, where they discovered the voice of a young woman of talent and great potential. I would like to express my appreciation for everyone behind this program and for taking a chance with me, which in my eyes was truly worthwhile. I am ever so thankful for being a part of this movement and I want to thank all staff, Corps Members, family and friends for supporting me in my journey. It’s bittersweet that five months have come and gone so quickly and this is not the end but a beautiful beginning. So this is not goodbye it’s see you later. Love always.

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