Tierra Pool

Tierra’s Testimony:

Before Green City Force, I was going out everyday, looking for a job, and getting denied. Being a young adult, striving to find success while providing for my family and myself had become a struggle. Growing up in a tough neighborhood, avoiding negativity is a full time job, however it can teach you what path to choose in life. There were days I felt like giving up, but I pushed myself until I found an opportunity that has since changed my life for the better: a job training program called Green City Force. GCF allows young adults like myself to provide service to better the environment, while preparing us for sustainable careers in making the world more energy efficient. Since joining the program, I have had nothing but success. It awarded me the opportunity to develop my strengths and recognize my weaknesses, and even transformed my weaknesses into my strengths. I would like to thank all staff members, mainly my Team Leader, Wesley, for pushing me the extra mile to go above and beyond my means, to believe in myself and to never give up.

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