Thomas Peterson Testimony

I came to GCF due to the fact I was unemployed for a while and I was told by my brother that I should apply. I’m glad I did. I would like to thank all my friends that I’ve meet, Lisbeth for creating this program, and I want to give a shout to Andrew. I remember when I was switched to his team and was I having a hard time adjusting at first because I didn’t know him, he made it his business to come to talk to me. He said that he understood that I was maybe having a hard time adjusting to my new team but what stuck out to me is when he said “I don’t want you to not be yourself, I don’t want you to lose what makes you, you.” He also said that he would like to get to know me and if he could help me out with anything to just ask. At that moment I knew that I could trust him and he’s been the best Team Leader ever since.

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