Thaira Velasquez

Thaira’s Testimonial:

Before I came to Green City Force I wasn’t doing anything but job hunting, which only had
temporary results. One day my mother brought the flyer about the program. At first I was very
hesitant on joining, but I really didn’t care because I had nothing to lose. After the information
session, I became a bit curious and interested in the green economy. Green City Force taught
me about the environment and energy-efficient lighting. Before I didn’t know that light
bulbs came in different shapes and sizes, or that brightness was measured in lumens. Going
through the regular training, I became a little proud that I could teach my parents something
for once. After Green City Force, I plan on working with electronics. In the fall term I do plan
on going to college. I do hope I get to put what I learned from the program to use. I am thankful
for this experience.

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