Terence Marshall

Terence’s Testimony:

When I first began Green City Force, it did not cross my mind that I was going to be a part of one of the biggest problem solving organizations in New York City. I chose to join GCF because I saw it as a great opportunity for professional development and to give back to the community by providing service. Before GCF, basketball and looking for jobs were the only things on my schedule. During my first couple weeks in this program, I had no intentions of staying, but I am glad I did because I got a chance to not only help low income residents, but help New York as a whole. GCF also helped me grow and gain confidence, and I really appreciate that. One thing GCF taught me was that we can not change the world unless we change ourselves. They taught me that humans are the biggest reason the earth is damaged, because of our poor decisions to pollute and mistreat it. After GCF, I will consider studying the green economy as well as journalism in college, while being employed. I would like to thank my brother Xavier and the entire GCF staff for not giving up on me and pushing me past my limits. Thank you.

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