Cesnisha Speller:

Cesnisha’s Testimonial:

Green City Force means a lot to me, it showed that there are people out there who care about young adults in the New York City Housing Authority. I chose to become a Corps Member because I enjoy helping in my community as well as in other communities. For example I work alongside with Canarsie Coalition, a partnership that rebuilds people homes that were destroyed during Hurricane Sandy free of charge. I enjoy the smile on the homeowners’ faces. Before GCF I was working at Harlem Children Zone (Truce Media) doing an internship as an Administrative Assistant. While in GCF, I learned the importance of sustainability and how to be energy efficient. I did not know that just by unplugging your appliance you’re saving energy; I thought as long as the device was not on it was okay. After GCF, I plan on fulfilling my career as an administrative assistant.

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