Sienna Thomas

Green City Force has meant the world to me. Before GCF I was a bicycle messenger, and while that was fun, there was no greater purpose behind my work or opportunity for growth (unless you count my leg muscles). I chose to become a member of the GCF community because my attention was grabbed by the time, effort, and thought put into the program. The two most important things I’ve garnered from my time at GCF are an ever growing affinity for service to my community and a purpose behind my work. I’d like to take all I’ve learned from GCF and share it with my community, because I’ve learned that education is the only way to finally have “a seat at the table”. After GCF, I plan to start a career in the green industry and become a top ambassador for our ecosystem. I’d like to thank all the staff at GCF for investing in me and providing me with the tools and opportunities I will need to succeed!

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