Sharisse Maxwell

Sharisse’s Testimonial:

I chose to become an Americorps Member to experience new working skills. Coming out of high school I knew that I wanted to become a beauty consultant. I knew that I wanted to work with people. I would like to say my goals have changed, but they haven’t. What I can say AmeriCorps has done for me was open my eyes to the green economy. AmeriCorps helped me realize that everything I do has an impact. My plans after GCF are to become a building operator. My reason for wanting to start as a building operator is to see if I have the skills to manage a building. In my future, I see myself owning my own hair salon. I hope to build my shop ground up, and I would also like to contribute to GCF by making my beauty shop a green building. I would truly like to thank my Team Leader, Wesely, for believing in my leaderships skills and pushing me to continue the rest of my time. Coming to GCF I got to experience things I have thought to try on my own, like farming and working with Habitat for Humanity, which I enjoyed a lot. One change I can see in myself is that I’m more open to learning new things now. I no longer put myself in a box.

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