Shantelay Galbrieth

Shantelay’s Testimonial:

What has Green City Force meant to me? Green City Force has meant change to me. Changing into a better individual, becoming more responsible and aware of what’s actually going on my neighborhood. I chose to become a GCF Corps Member because I knew that it would take me further in life and it was going to be worth the 10 months I spent here. Before Green City Force I was working at Toys R Us as a cashier. I knew that I didn’t want to stay there because I didn’t see progress happening, so I was really so excited to hear back from Green City Force. The most important thing that I learned at GCF was the knowledge about social and environmental justice that’s going on in my community and in other communities in NYC. My plan after GCF is to attend Kingsborough Community College, majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology.

I want to thank my Team Leader, Renee, because she was side-by-side with me for my entire 10 months, helping me with whatever I needed, motivating me to do better, and always having a positive attitude whenever things go left. I also want to thank Jennifer Tirado, my program director. She saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. Always pushing me to do better and being strict, giving me no room to slack. I can honestly say this lady does care about me, and when someone cares about you, they push you towards success no matter what. I can count so many times I wanted to give up because of personal reasons at home, and she made sure she stayed on top of me so I didn’t give up. I want to thank you so much. Lastly I want to thank Lisbeth Shepherd. Even though I feel like I didn’t get to talk to you one-on-one as much as I wanted, what I can say is that I enjoyed each and every conversation that we did have. You always come to the field with so much positive energy and it always brightens the mood.

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