Shamika Mejia

Shamika’s Testimony:

Green City Force has been an environment that has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, personally, and socially. They have given me a nurturing medium to explore my passions and helped pave my road to success. I chose to join GCF because I became tired of being dissatisfied with the images I saw outside my window. I continuously complained about my situation and GCF seemed like a great platform to become a part of the solution. Before I came to GCF, I was attending TCI college, working towards my associate degree in Health Information Technology. After GCF, I will be entering the world of full time employment thanks to the hard work and outstanding support of the extraordinary GCF staff. My long journey and completion of GCF would not have been possible if not for the overwhelming support from the GCF staff, especially my Team Leader, Lawrence, Amanda Pollack, and of course, Mrs. Lisbeth Shepherd. I have had the honor of meeting some wonderful people that have become my family. Thank you to my GCF family for all the support and encouragement.

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