Shaileen Roman

I was in beauty school before I joined GCF and I joined in order to learn about sustainability, be more open to new opportunities and to see what else I could do besides cosmetology. Because of GCF I’m more outgoing, I talk more, and I made a lot of friends which I did not expect. They’ve been really supportive of me and my pregnancy. I didn’t think that GCF would be so uplifting but it really helped me a lot. I always come to work smiling and I hadn’t done that in a while. During the service experience I got to work with a lot of plants and I hadn’t done that since high school and middle school. It brought back good memories and made me feel like a little girl again. In social enterprise, I got to use the skills that I used making a portfolio with the data entry. I never thought that those skills would be helpful again but they were. I want to thank Precious who was my Team Leader and was very understanding of what we were going through. She always pushed me to do more and be the best I could be even though we sometimes pushed each other’s buttons. I’m really grateful that I got to meet her and be a part of this experience.

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