Shawdell Hamilton

Shawndell’s Testimony:

Before I came to Green City Force, I was in the process of thinking of what career path would best suit me, and what would I be happy doing. I tried to go into woodworking as an intern but that did not work out as well I thought. Then one day last summer my brother told me about an info session for Green City Force, and I went to 787 Atlantic Avenue. Once I went there they got me started on my application process. After several months and a continuation of interview processes, they finally called me confirming that I had been accepted into the program. I remember going to get fitted for my uniform from Dave’s. While in the program they taught me soft skills and professional development–things like resume construction, work ethic, and punctuality. They also taught me about energy efficiency, and gave me training and opportunities that would qualify me to begin a career in the green sector–training ranging from solar panel installation to energy assessing. Overall I can say that my course here has been a privilege and I will forever appreciate it.

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