Benjamin Santiago

Benjamin’s Testimonial:

Before Green City Force I was devoting all of my time to music. I would work odd jobs, even at a beer factory, just to have money in my pocket and promote my work. After going job to job, with less interest in each and every one, I took a year off from employment and worked on perfecting my music. After I saw a Green City Force posting in my development with the program’s benefits listed, I was drawn to join Green City Force. I wasn’t sure if I would be committed to it at first, but somehow I knew I needed to take an alternate direction for a while. The 6 months spent being a Corps Member at Green City Force taught me time management, what it means to be a leader and how to be self-sufficient. The knowledge I gained will be implemented into my daily life after graduation. I’d like to thank all Green City Force staff, all of the Corps Members whom I’ve gotten the chance to grow and work with, and most especially my mother, who has kept me level-headed and motivated.

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