Demi Santana

Demi’s Testimonial:

Green City Force is a movement that makes a change for the young adults involved in the program, and the people and communities around the five boroughs. It’s a way to gain and enhance skills for jobs, as well as college, to further the education of your choice. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF for college preparation and for the doors it would open up for different opportunities. I’ve worked with other job readiness programs before, but GCF is more of a hands-on training experience. We were able to engage and educate residents from NYCHA as well as low income families affected by Hurricane Sandy by volunteering our services to make a better tomorrow. What impacted me the most about GCF is that global warming is real, and it’s causing a climate change in the world we live in. Nothing lasts forever, so living a more sustainable life will save resources for future generations. Our daily activities affect the ozone layer by burning fossil fuels that send toxins into the air, such as carbon dioxide. This fact makes me wiser to limit our ways of spending our precious resources and becoming more energy efficient. After I finish my 6 month term with GCF, I plan to attend BMCC as a freshman studying sports management. I also plan to hold a part time job as a field representative with NYCHA. I would like to thank everyone that helped me during this stage of my life to make me who I am today. Through my trials and tribulations I’ve become stronger and wiser. Thanks to GCF’s great staff members who helped me strive for greatness and gave me a chance to continue to prove myself to the world.

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