Sade Bennett

Sade’s Testimonial:

Green City Force to me is defined as an opportunity. An opportunity to see my city come together to literally and figuratively build up our communities. I chose to become a Corps Member because, before I joined GCF, my friends and I were discussing why we don’t have fresh food, healthy environments or MONEY. By joining GCF I learned that the light can not only illuminate on our neighborhoods but also from within it. By learning about the triple bottom line we can have solutions that support people, planet, and profit: fresh food, healthy environments and money. I would like to thank Jen first for helping me get into the corps. I would like to thank Lisbeth, Dennis, Andrew, and Lawrence for not giving up on me. Thanks to my team Cohort 10 for proving not to me but to the world we can and will continue to “Put On!”

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