Krystal Ruiz

Krystal’s Testimonial:

Green City Force taught me how to live a sustainable life. I have taught my family and many others about living a sustainable life and finding ways to become more energy efficient, because it is important for the safety and future of our generation. GCF gave me the knowledge I need for my health and my wealth. GCF is a place where I feel I belong, and one where I have learned to help others like myself. GCF is great because it is a place where you can live up to your full potential. The co-workers really set you up for success. During my time at GCF, I gained the work experience that I needed to further my career. I have learned through having leadership roles while installing solar with GRID, taking leadership in my cohort, constructing homes and, overall, working for the greater good. If it were not for GCF I would not be in the wonderful position I am in now. This program has helped me build character and has taught me to never sell myself short of anything. During my time at GCF, I learned that anything you can see you can grasp as long as you put your full effort into your endeavors and have passion for what you do. I realized over the course of my term that my passion led to my success at GCF. I had the passion to become a better me, the passion for communities, the passion for the environment, and the passion towards people. I wanted to be the best I could be for myself, my family and GCF. I learned that overcoming every obstacle starts with making a decision. I learned through GCF that there is always a right decision as long as you make the right choices. GCF is like one huge family. I would not trade this wonderful experience for anything else in the world.

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