Roy Reyes

Roy’s Testimonial:

What Green City Force means to me is a combination of different emotions, like hope, or a platform for a better beginning. Before Green City Force I was living a lifestyle that was far from sustainable: working at jobs where there was no room for growth, engaging in activities that would automatically land me in jail or locked up behind bars and hanging out with the wrong crowd of people. But in the midst of all this chaos I knew I desired a change in the way I think and a change with the people I called friends. But most importantly, I was tired of and desired a change in the lifestyle I was living. So, one morning my mentor showed me a Green City Force flyer and I knew I needed to apply myself if I really wanted a change. I applied myself and eventually made it into the program. Since coming into Green City Force it has been a 360 degree change. Green City Force has opened my eyes to topics I knew nothing about, like the 1% fresh water on the planet or gentrification. I can now say I am a lot wiser and grateful I signed up.

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