Miguel Rodriguez

Miguel’s Testimonial:

The Green City Force staff instilled in me so much information about the green sector and potential green careers. All the interactive lessons and time accumulated, culminated in a monumental shift of consciousness and awareness. There aren’t enough words to describe the advancement in perception they invigorated in me. I have so much appreciation for the entire GCF staff but most recognition I would give to Lawrence and Michael. Both of them have taught me many life lessons and skills that will surely help me make a smooth transition to pursue a life in solar after my term with GCF. Besides the hard skills that I picked up out in the field, the most important thing I learned was to remember to remain courteous, humble, and gracious because there are many people that aren’t fortunate enough to indulge in this movement. These last 6 months have given me many keys of wisdom to be successful and it makes me upset that this will end soon because this journey has been inconceivably awe-inspiring. This program has made me very proud to be an activist serving for low-income communities and I look forward to what becomes of the near future.

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