Christian Reyes

Christian’s Testimonial:

Green City Force provided me with a lot of knowledge about the Green Agenda and about myself. I’ve grown professionally and mentally and I feel more prepared than ever as I transition onto the next stepping stone in my life. I chose to become a Corps Member after hearing about the program from my sister who went through the program. She always spoke about the projects and services she did on a day-by-day basis. Once she graduated, she was able to find a good paying job based on what she learned through GCF. Seeing everything that she gained from GCF, I felt like the program could do a lot for me as well. Through Green City Force, I have received training and certifications related to energy efficiency, including G-PRO and becoming an Energy Efficiency Building Operations Specialist (EEBOPS). After GCF, I plan to utilize the skills I have gained and the certifications I have earned to find a well-paying job and live a sustainable life. I would also like to visit GCF from time to time and participate in service activities, because I feel like I have left a mark in the communities I have served, and I would like to see how the community grows as the service continues.

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