Ramel York

Ramel’s Testimonial:

Green City Force Is Love…at least that’s what it means to ME.
Imagine coming from where they encourage you to shoot, to where they encourage you to shoot for your DREAMS.
From where they encourage you to rob someone’s house, to handing out eco house kits for FREE.
From where residents don’t know how to eat healthy, to them asking for cabbage & BEANS.
From talking to your brothers about violence, to talking about saving ENERGY.
From doing community service, to serving the COMMUNITY.
I Love Where I Live, I just don’t like what I SEE.
So I came to GCF to get an OPPORTUNITY.
To succeed in life and also improve where I SLEEP.
To give back some Knowledge to the youth in ALBANY,
or anywhere else, where there’s people who will LISTEN,
‘Cause Knowing the Difference can make all the DIFFERENCE.
So never give up, no matter how things are LOOKING.
You might not have been a Good Girl, but become a Better WOMEN,
and the Boys will become Men & achieve what others said they WOULDN’T.
I was you before I came to GCF, always searching for SOMETHING,
‘Cause the dead-end jobs never offered NOTHING.
Now I have Opportunities and I don’t think of looking BACK,
with my Degree in the Future, and my Mind on the Right TRACK.
The Biggest lesson I learned is to always be REAL
and it’s not about who you know, but how you make them FEEL.

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