Quanaisha Phillips

Quanaisha’s Testimonial:

If you’re planning to take your life to new adventures, to learn new experiences, to become a part of a movement that’s greatly exceeding to preserve your world as a whole, or maybe even to broaden your contact list, join Green City Force. It’s taught me a lot and even some things I’ve already known. But, I couldn’t have asked for any other better stepping stone to the road of success. I had fun engaging residents as well as my fellow peers, to the point that we have grown through this experience, and maybe even shed a tear because it was tough at times. We went from knocking on doors to get people to become energy efficient throughout their homes, on to farm work, with digging, sifting, and composting. If you don’t know what any of that is, you will soon find out. Green City Force is a Force, taken with great rewards and certifications that may lead to something bigger. It’s full of fun, family, partnerships, networks and experiences: in that order. I loved every minute, even though some minutes were tough. I’m very glad I was a part of it. I met some great people and plan on being something other than where I was before. I believe it’s not where you are but where you are going, and Green City Force led me to where I soon want to be: successful at everything and anything I put my mind to. That being said, keep the Force going. Empower and enlighten yourself and those yet to come after you.

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