Paul Philpott

Paul’s Testimonial:

Green City Force means change, not just in the communities that we have farms in, but a change in myself as well. Before I was in GCF I was dreaming about a better future, but not really doing much to make that dream a reality. I had nothing going for me at the time and just wanted my time to go somewhere. The most important thing I learned in GCF is to take every chance–do not be too quick to say ‘no’. There are opportunities everywhere, just look and grab them. GCF introduced me to an entrepreneur program called Square Roots, and for the next year I will finish that program and create an even better future for myself. Everyone in the office helped me in their own way, by introducing me to new chances in life, or by just being someone to talk to. But, I need to give a big ‘thank you’ to Lisbeth, Jen, Renee, and Andrew. You guys really listened to me and helped push me, and that push was one of the main things I was looking for in this program.

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