Shannon Outlaw

Shannon’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has significantly helped my overall personal development. Most importantly, the Urban Farm team has allowed me to look within and expand my personal interests. I decided to become a Corps Member out of curiosity and my interest in the GREEN way of thinking. Prior to becoming a Corps Member, I was planning on going to college. GCF has proved to be a more beneficial and inspiring step on my path to do so, and it has allowed me to build and expand my interests. The most important things that I have learned in GCF are endurance and discipline. After GCF, I plan to continue my education in permaculture and horticulture, with the hope of having a career that encompasses working with earth. I would love to thank the entire GCF staff for their support and commitment! I would love to specially thank Gwen Hill, the NYCHA Farm Manager. She has definitely inspired me and had a helping hand in nurturing and expanding my new interests.

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