Osvaldo Martinez

Osvaldo’s Testimony:

I’m standing here today as a proud graduate of an amazing organization called Green City Force. I stepped into GCF’s offices with only a bunch of dreams, ambition and lots of energy to do good, not only for myself but the world. My eyes saw a perfect setting to channel all my ideas with like-minded, positive people. I took part in an 11-month term, GCF’s first. The team was assembled and we were sent out to do service for our country. This was a chance for me to be a hero in the community that I loved. I took deep pride in that and we accomplished so much in the fields of Urban Agriculture, Energy Saving Conservation, and much more. GCF wanted all of its Corps Members to not just “work” but grow in all areas of life. Professionalism was a huge area of growth for me, as I’d never stepped into the world of corporate America. I was always the one fighting the powers that be, so you would have never found me in a suit and tie. Now with all the experiences that took place, I feel I understand what it means to be a Professional. I’m grateful, proud of myself and my entire team, and now even happier for the world, a place that needs help. So, I’m asking anyone who can join GCF or programs like it to get up and take action. People don’t understand that what you do and even say every day impacts us all. Try to take care of yourself, have a giving attitude, and make a positive legacy for the future.

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