Richard Ortiz

Richard’s Testimonial:

I believe that Green City Force is very attentive to the needs and aspirations of their members. GCF offers extensive opportunities to young people so they can further advance in their careers. Green City Force is dedicated. I chose to become a Corps Member with Green City Force to gain experience in the Green Movement and serve my community with knowledge I acquired during my time with GCF. I chose to apply to GCF because they focus on energy saving products that improve our ecosystem, which is something I strongly believe in. Before I joined Green City Force, I enlisted in the Military to better serve my country and improve myself, while at the same time giving back to my community. I believe that AmeriCorps has the same values and the same discipline as the military. This is why I joined GCF and why I believe it is the way to go. I would like to give a special thanks to Dennis, Kenta, Aubrie, and Lisbeth for giving me a second chance to utilize my work potential. I would also like to thank Lawrence, my Team Leader who has always believed in me. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work alongside my amazing team members and look forward to a productive year ahead.

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