Nyaisha Lee

Nyaisha’s Testimonial:

Before I was enrolled in Green City Force, I was struggling to find a job. I was also going through
a process to donate one of my organs to my mother. Once I couldn’t find a job or donate my
organ, I was called by a NYCHA representative for a job informational session. I attended Green
City Force’s info-session. I liked the overall goal that was presented to the audience: helping
urban communities such as my neighborhood, to be more “green” and more sustainable, while
trying to get participants certified in several fields. One of the most important things I learned
during my time with Green City Force is learning how to adapt to different environments;
whether it is working with new people, being placed in different situations, or being in a
different part of town. My plans after Green City Force are to find a career that is suited for
me and enroll into college.

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