Nordesia Walters-Bowman

GCF is and will always be an eye-opener. It has shown me the possibilities of my neighborhood. It has shown me the power of the people around me, and how coming together can make change. I chose to become a Corps Member to find my power. My cousin sat me down and asked me what I had accomplished in the last year at my job. I had nothing to say. Before GCF I worked retail in a museum. Every day was more and more of a drag. I was breaking my back and spirit with no results. The most important thing I learned at GCF is to always move forward. I learned that I can have confidence and rely on people in my generation. I learned that there are other young adults that want more for themselves. I learned that I can make a change. No matter where I come from, no matter my history, I could be more, I can be great. After GCF I want to get a job where I can use my hands and work on building my skills. I want a job with good pay and benefits so I can focus on happiness and elevation.

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