Shanell Naylor

Shanell’s Testimonial:

Participating in Green City Force as a Corps Member was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had. My time here has taught me the importance of commitment and what it means to volunteer. Not only are the staff at GCF wholeheartedly involved with the cohort, but they make sure you don’t feel like just another number in a crowd. During my time at GCF, one of the most important things I learned about was social justice. A talk by Dr. Monica White at the 2013 Black Urban Growers (BUGS) Conference completely inspired me to pursue the field of Urban Agriculture & Historical Studies. Listening to her words helped me really see both my community and my world with open eyes. There IS something wrong with “a cheeseburger costing only $1.29, and a salad from the same menu costing $5.49 or more.” I love Green City Force for that gift. After my 6 months with GCF are over, I will be enrolling into CUNY LaGuardia Community College. Also, in the nearer future, I plan on beginning my own community garden with the support of GCF and my close friends, who are happy to assist uplifting our community. Of course, I will be visiting and staying in-contact with the wonderful staff at GCF.

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