Nasharah Slade

Green City Force has done amazing things. I gained a lot of knowledge within these six months. GCF means a lot to me. When I first started I really did not know much about it, but as the months went by I realized it has taught me a lot more about growing my own produce. Before GCF I was mostly working prep at fast food or quick food restaurants day and night. I feel like GCF taught me to always stay confident in what you do and to stay focused. After GCF I will continue my dream of being a chef, first by completing culinary school. I want to thank my Team Leader Che’von, and Felicia, for always pushing me forward when I wanted to give up. Thanks also to my best friend and motivator throughout GCF, Princess, for always being by my side and helping me out when I did not understand a task. Thank you GCF for this major opportunity.

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