Mohamed Kande

I remember that first time hearing about Green City Force. I was at a basketball tournament waiting to play. Before the game started, Lawrence from GCF made an announcement about Green City Force. He told us that Green City Force was a program that helps young adults develop and get good jobs, and that while they are in the program they get a $550 stipend, monthly metrocard, and $3,000 for college. All of these benefits made me want to join GCF. Before GCF, I was working at McDonald’s one day each week. In GCF, I learned how to build a farm, harvest, and plant crops. After GCF, I plan to work for the Park’s Department or something with horticulture. I would like to thank Che, my Team Leader, for his help and support. Che always gave us speeches on how to better yourself and how to push yourself to secure to the bag.

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