Michael King

Michael’s Testimony:

Green City Force means a lot to me because it taught me the value of service. I chose to become a GCF Corps Member because I felt it was the right move for me. It is really hard trying to find a job and this prepares you. I have learned useful skills while providing service. The experience is just unbelievable. GCF really prepares you for what is next and what is out there in the real world. Before GCF, I was attending Borough of Manhattan Community College. After GCF, my plans are to continue working, find a career, and stick with it. I do not want to be sitting around at home all day; it’s time to work hard towards my future and take care of my family. I would like to thank all of the GCF Team Leaders for being good role models, GCF staff for always being so kind and helpful, and Lisbeth for envisioning a positive future or else none of else would be here
right now. As Peter Drucker said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

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