Mark Guzman

Mark’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has taught me much from start to end. Before Green City Force I was just your average guy without a job, playing handball, hanging out with friends and playing video games. I was unemployed for a couple of months before I heard about Green City Force. Then they came to my Jobs Plus in Astoria and I attended the information session and met Wesley Booker and Christine Bang. I questioned him, literally, and he maintained his composure and answered all members know that if ever we need help with anything he will try his best to help us. He always pays attention to us, knows when something is bothering us and would always take time out his day to pull us to the side and make sure that everything was okay. I appreciate Lawrence for genuinely caring for us all. After Green City Force I would like to go back to school and finish my next three years so I could get into the field of social work.

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