Mercedes Hodge

Mercedes’ Testimonial:

Before Green City Force I did not have a clue what path I was heading on. I had just left college
because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I stumbled upon Green City Force by accident. I was
calling to apply for another job and I dialed the wrong extension. I didn’t know that the number
I was about to press was going to change my life forever. Throughout the past six months, I
have discovered a newfound interest that I wouldn’t have if Green City Force did not give me
this great opportunity. I always believed that I would be a math teacher, however now I know
that I would love to teach either BPI (Building Performance Institute) or SBDI (Small Business
Direct Installation). Green City Force gave me the chance to work in such a diverse field of
work in the Green Industry, which has allowed me to advance at a pace that many people my
age cannot relate to. My most memorable moment is working in Coney Island for the Venting
for Health Research Study. There I worked to help increase the Indoor Air Quality inside of the
Coney Island Houses. The most satisfying part of this research project was seeing the joy and
the relief on the residents faces. To make someone’s life a little better is what I enjoy the most.
This is why I’m proud to be a graduate of Green City Force. I want to thank all of GCF Staff for
choosing me to be a Corps Member. After Green City Force, I plan to work towards a career. The
time I spent in GCF has forced me to mature in a way I never believed I could, and now, I can
honestly say I am on the road to success.

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