Dante Mcleod

Dante’s Testimonial:

In becoming a Corps Member of Green City Force, I’ve gained a greater outlook on the quality of the world. GCF has given me the opportunity to take my life into my own hands. It has opened my eyes to social and environmental injustice. Before joining GCF, I had nothing productive to do; the days would just seem to pass by. GCF gave me a place to grow as a person living in this society; and a place to learn and apply new skills. After GCF, I plan on going to college to further my education. My intention is to study music and use the skills that I’ve learned during GCF. I’d like to thank my fellow Corps Members, in particular Daquand and Tashia, and my Team Leaders. Most Importantly, I’d like to thank my grandmother for being my support system and inspiration to achieve the best for myself.

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