Marlique McGhaney

Marlique’s Testimonial:

Green City Force is a major commitment, but I am glad I decided to make that commitment. Green City Force taught me a lot of things, such as how to be punctual, professional, and reliable. I have learned how to speak to a crowd and how to speak professionally and properly. One of the tougher things I have learned is how to install drywall and insulation. My team was in a partnership with the Canarsie Coalition. We repaired homes that were damaged by Super Storm sandy. Living in Far Rockaway, it felt good to actually have an impact on these people’s lives. Before GCF, I had a lot of dead-end jobs and wasn’t really going anywhere in life. But joining GCF gave me a career path as well as job opportunities. After Green City Force, I plan to going straight toward my career choice. I would like to thank all the staff. I would like to give a special shout out to my Team Leader Wesley and Service Associate Andrew, who both really helped me throughout my time in Green City Force.

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