Maria Martins

Green City Force has been a ladder to a future I thought would take years to achieve. I’ve grown into a young adult who has a passion for agriculture and helping others. Before Green City Force I was working paycheck-to-paycheck in a job that didn’t value my skills. I chose to become a Corps Member because the organization seemed like they wanted to help communities in need. I felt that if I could impact one person’s life, then these 10 months were worth it. The most important thing I’ve learned from being in GCF is that my past affects every part of my life. I have the opportunity to use my past as a lesson instead of a crutch for my behavior. After GCF I plan on working with Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance Foundation as an intern, learning and mastering what it takes to run a successful farm. I would like to thank Carson Leigh Ross for being patient with me during this growing period, and I would like to thank Adah Laura Hill for becoming my family during these months when I felt that I was all alone.

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